Sri Chakra Yantra

Sri Chakra is a necessary device in the worship of elemental energy. So, this energy is the cause of the creation, maintenance, and demolition of the cosmos. The Sri Chakra yantra brings positive energy to your space. A yantra is mainly a storehouse of power. Also, it contains intense power in a controlled form. The symbolism of the Sri chakra yantra has a specific meaning. So, the circle signifies the principles with no end and no start or creation. And, the triangle shows that the threefold, i.e. the yoni, is the origin of every matter. Further, there is a triangle with the apex turned up. It shows the sharp aspirations rising from the lowest point to the heights. And, the apex downward triangle signifies Shakti i.e. the grace of divine mother.

Also, the lotus flower represents the hidden power in the being. So, Sri chakra is of great significance in the Hindu and Buddhist community. Also, the Sri Chakra Yantra is very auspicious and is of great benefit.  Thus, you can get every good thing in your life by worshipping this positive yantra. Also, people worship the Sri Chakra for the following six acts:

  • Appeasement
  • Attraction
  • Stoppage
  • Enmity
  • Removal and death

The Sri Chakra Yantra radiates its calming vibrations on the spiritual seekers. So, many Yogis treat this as a pilgrimage. It becomes a great spiritual journey through the yantra. Hence, it is the best way to enlighten the path of life. The seekers gain this from the outer rectangle to moving towards the centre. So, the centre is said to be the middle point of the universe. This point is the one where people have the opportunity to merge with absolute realization.

This chakra yantra is very helpful to get rid of negative energies. Also, it is useful to avoid any obstacles coming your way. Like obstacles in getting wealth, harmony, peace, and prosperity. So, whether it is any kind of negative energy. The Sri Yantra keeps clearing our energy field. Therefore, the positive vibrations help you to attain fame, power, and material success.

Correctly placing the Sri Chakra Yantra:

So, the correct placement of the yantra is very necessary. So, you should place the yantra facing West. Mainly, it must be kept such that it is visible from all sides. And, the back of the yantra does not show any energy. Thus, it is best to place it against the wall. Further, you should place the yantra at a height that reaches up to your level of the heart.  

Moreover, it is a powerful way to even out the inner realization in outer situations. Also, it is a circuit that shows the chakras of the body. Basically, the chakra of the yantra signifies the chakras of the human body. This yantra is the vast source of the power of the Goddess. The Sri Chakra Yantra from Sacred Space is high-quality. It is made by expert local craftsmen across India. So, get your yantra now. And, bring in the positive energy in your life and place.